Bippit is now available in the App Store and Google Play!

We’re excited to announce that Bippit’s early bird rewards are now available in the App Store and Google Play. If you’ve already registered on the website, use the same email address when you download the app to access your existing account. Join the growing list of people who are getting exclusive rewards by signing up early. Get them while they last – we’ve seen a growth of 400% in the last month!  The team has Read more…

This is how tech is revolutionising financial advice

After a slow start, adoption of Open Banking is beginning to show some promise, but I don’t think the name is at fault for the sluggish start, as suggested by Mr blue hat. For clarity, the “Open” in Open banking is not describing the security, but rather the opportunities presented by putting the customers in charge of their own financial data. Open Banking has enabled an ever-growing list of new services to emerge, such as Read more…

3 Ways you can change the finance industry with your savings

Before I started working at Bippit, I used to be part of a team managing the UK’s first student-run ethical investment portfolio, Prosper Social Finance. Based in Edinburgh, Prosper’s investment philosophy is centred around investing in companies that are ethical in their operations, where their product or service makes a positive impact to society. 

In order for Prosper to achieve its goals, Edinburgh University allocates funds to invest for the long-term. As of July 2019, Prosper’s investment return is 17%, far outperforming US, UK and European markets. Although the amount granted is nowhere near the level of institutional investors, investing ethically on a larger scale can change the finance industry for the better. If investor money is increasingly put into companies that are ethical, this is likely to promote a more sustainable business culture. While I was part of the investment decision team at Prosper, these were the 3 key lessons I learned on how we can change the finance industry.


Why we’re building Bippit

Welcome to our magazine!… a place where we’ll be serving you delicious updates on our progress, keeping you up to speed with the latest tech, and sharing useful saving tips & life hacks for your finances

We’re all incredibly excited to be a part of Bippit, and the next few weeks are going to be super-busy as we prepare for the public launch of our app.

It’s a big undertaking, but anything worth doing doesn’t come easy!