We’re excited to announce that Bippit’s early bird rewards are now available in the App Store and Google Play. If you’ve already registered on the website, use the same email address when you download the app to access your existing account.

Join the growing list of people who are getting exclusive rewards by signing up early. Get them while they last – we’ve seen a growth of 400% in the last month! 

The team has been hard at work adding additional features not available on the website.

1. Track your progress to get rewards

View the number of friends who have signed up, and track your progress towards the rewards level. 

With 5 successful referrals, you get Bippit’s financial plans free for a year. Plus, for a limited time only, a free smartphone wallet. 

With 10 successful referrals, you get Bippit’s financial plans free forever. Plus, for a limited time only, a free money box.

2. Share your personal link to invite friends

You can easily share your personal link through your favourite messaging or social apps. If anyone signs up with your link, whether through the App Store or the website, you get an additional referral. 

3. See who has signed up using your personal link

View a list of all your friends who have signed up. Don’t see someone there? Send your link to make sure they don’t miss out. 

4. Get an exclusive look into the development and design of Bippit

We’ve included a sneak peek to view exclusive content during the development of Bippit. You can find app designs, product features and team updates here. And if you find a design or feature you want to see in the final product, let us know! We’re building Bippit for you.

Download the app to get started. 

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