3 Ways you can change the finance industry with your savings

Before I started working at Bippit, I used to be part of a team managing the UK’s first student-run ethical investment portfolio, Prosper Social Finance. Based in Edinburgh, Prosper’s investment philosophy is centred around investing in companies that are ethical in their operations, where their product or service makes a positive impact to society. 

In order for Prosper to achieve its goals, Edinburgh University allocates funds to invest for the long-term. As of July 2019, Prosper’s investment return is 17%, far outperforming US, UK and European markets. Although the amount granted is nowhere near the level of institutional investors, investing ethically on a larger scale can change the finance industry for the better. If investor money is increasingly put into companies that are ethical, this is likely to promote a more sustainable business culture. While I was part of the investment decision team at Prosper, these were the 3 key lessons I learned on how we can change the finance industry.